About Robin Smart


In 1983, Smart began her career in graphics while attending Cayuga Community College. She was a phototypesetter for The Collegian newspaper. ​​After holding positions as a typesetter, she launched a photo-typesetting and graphics business in 1988 (Smart Type & Graphics).  She sold the business in 1993.

​Smart became interested in website design in 1995 using HTML and Microsoft FrontPage to design and maintain websites.

In 2013, she launched a website business utilizing her experience in graphic design and website building.   Since then, she has built affordable websites for small businesses and organizations in the Central New York area.  WEBSITE PORTFOLIO.

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Creator of Bumpy Saurus

The Raised Ink Alphabet Coloring Book


In 1993, I picked up my 3-year old son at daycare. My son greeted me with a hug and handed me a page out of a coloring book that he had worked on that day.  The lines were small and the artwork of the coloring book was intricate.

And that's when I asked myself,  "Why aren't there coloring books that aren't so complicated and with lines that aren't so thin, and pictures that ARE pre-school friendly?" 

That's when I decided to make a coloring book with thicker lines and less complicated pictures. I then came up with the idea to make a fun alphabet coloring book with fun, easy-to-color pictures.   I took the simple coloring book even further and decided I would get the book printed with raised ink. The raised ink reminds the little artist to stay in the lines.  It doesn't force them to stay in the lines, but they like to feel the "bumpy" ink with their hands and their crayons. 

In 2014, I redesigned the coloring book to a smaller version  for little hand and also so it flipped up to make it easier for left-hand artists. 

Learn more, view the pages and/or purchase at BumpySaurus.com

The Inventor

The idea factory!


I'm guessing that even at a young age, I was thinking of ways to improve products and processes.   I current have a patent pending on one of my ideas... more details to follow.